Andre Martin

Andre Martin

VP, Talent Development & Chief Learning Officer , Nike


Andre Martin is the VP, Talent Development & Chief Learning Officer at Nike since April 2014. He is a growth-oriented talent and organizational development professional with over 15 years of experience in leadership development, talent management, employee engagement, culture change, innovation/design thinking, strategy development, employee experience design, and executive team development.

Earlier, Andre was the Chief Learning Officer of Mars Incorporated and was responsible for creating and enacting a learning strategy that supported the aggressive growth goals of the business and allowed Mars Incorporated to unlock the full potential of their 68,000 associates around the globe. In his previous role as Global Leadership Development Director, Andre was responsible for driving the learning and development the top 500 leaders within Mars Incorporated by putting to use cutting-edge leadership development strategies and innovative development initiatives in place to drive organizational transformation across the business.

Prior to joining Mars Incorporated, Andre was a senior faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) where he led a 4-year research and innovation initiative aimed at exploring future trends in leadership and leadership development. His work at CCL garnered national media attention, numerous speaking engagements, and landed him in Leadership Excellence Magazine’s “Top 100 Minds in Leadership” for the last three consecutive years.

Early in his career, Andre was an Organization Development Consultant with The Walt Disney World® Resorts (WDW). While at WDW, he specialized in performance management, balanced scorecard design, team development, coaching, and continuous improvement. Andre’s vast experience with teams and motivation has allowed him to crossover into the area of sports psychology by acting as a consultant to elite-level coaches, captains, players, and teams.

Andre holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Saint Louis University, where he focused on research associated with team motivation and performance, leadership emergence, and athlete motivation.