• Aaron Olson

    Aaron Olson

    Chief Talent Officer , Aon, plc

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  • Alex Goryachev

    Alex Goryachev

    Senior Director, Innovation Strategy and Programs , Cisco

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  • Amy Hayes

    Amy Hayes

    Global Head of L&D , Facebook

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  • Andre Martin

    Andre Martin

    VP, Talent Development & Chief Learning Officer , Nike

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  • Andrea Elkin

    Andrea Elkin

    VP, Head of Enterprise Learning , ADP

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  • Annmarie Neal

    Annmarie Neal

    Chief Talent Officer , Hellman & Friedman

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  • April San Antonio

    April San Antonio

    Chief Learning Officer; VP Learning and Development , Liberty Mutual Insurance

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  • Arnold Dhanesar

    Arnold Dhanesar

    SVP, Head of Global Talent Management & Executive/ Leadership Development , MetLife

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  • Benoit Claveranne

    Benoit Claveranne

    Group Chief Transformation Officer and member of the Management Committee , AXA

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  • Beth Grossman

    Beth Grossman

    Chief Learning Officer , ACORD

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  • Betty Thompson

    Betty Thompson

    EVP, Chief People Officer , Booz Allen Hamilton

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  • Bob Mosher

    Bob Mosher

    Chief Learning Evangelist , APPLY Synergies

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  • Brad Samargya

    Brad Samargya

    Chief Learning Officer , Ericsson

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  • Brenda Sugrue

    Brenda Sugrue

    Chief Learning Officer , E&Y

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  • Brent O'Bryan

    Brent O'Bryan

    VP, Training and Development , Allied Universal

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  • Brian Poland

    Brian Poland

    Director, Lifelong Learning & Talent Development , Walmart

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  • Bror Saxberg

    Bror Saxberg

    Chief Learning Officer , Kaplan Inc.

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  • Cameron Hedrick

    Cameron Hedrick

    Chief Learning Officer , Citi

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  • Carlos Rivero

    Carlos Rivero

    Chief Talent Officer , Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

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  • Carole Torres

    Carole Torres

    SVP, Chief Learning Officer , Keybank

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  • Celia Berenguer

    Celia Berenguer

    Global Head of Leadership and Learning, Managing Director , Barclays

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  • Christopher Yates

    Christopher Yates

    Chief Learning Officer / Director of People & Organizational Development , Caterpillar Inc.

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  • Corey Rewis

    Corey Rewis

    SVP, Global Learning & Development Executive , Bank Of America

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  • Courtney Vital

    Courtney Vital

    Chief Learning Officer , Human Capital Institute

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  • Dan Lovely

    Dan Lovely

    Chief Learning Officer , AIG

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  • Derek Hann

    Derek Hann

    Chief Learning Officer , PayPal

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  • Ed Oxford

    Ed Oxford

    Chief Talent Officer , Banner Health

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  • Emily Dancyger King

    Emily Dancyger King

    SVP Talent Management , McKesson

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  • Francesca Peters

    Francesca Peters

    Chief Talent Officer , Regus Group

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  • Francoise Caraguel

    Francoise Caraguel

    Global Chief Talent Officer , CSM Bakery Solutions

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  • Frank Nguyen

    Frank Nguyen

    Chief Learning Officer, VP , Sears Holdings Corporation

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  • Gabrielle Toledano

    Gabrielle Toledano

    Chief Talent Officer , Electronic Arts

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  • Gale Halsey

    Gale Halsey

    CLO and Director Learning and Organization Development , Ford Motor Company

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  • Gary Whitney

    Gary Whitney

    VP, Global Learning , InterContinental Hotels Group

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  • Hariraj Vijayakumar

    Hariraj Vijayakumar

    Global Head of Learning & Development , Cognizant Technology Solutions

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  • Holbrook Hankinson

    Holbrook Hankinson

    Chief Learning Officer , Delta Airlines Global Services

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  • Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

    VP, Executive Development & Learning , General Electric

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  • Janette Shimanski

    Janette Shimanski

    VP and Chief Learning Officer , 3M

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  • Janice Robinson Burns

    Janice Robinson Burns

    Chief Learning Officer , MasterCard

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  • Jenny Dearborn

    Jenny Dearborn

    SVP, Chief Learning Officer , SAP

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  • Jesse Jackson

    Jesse Jackson

    Chief Learning Officer , J.P. Morgan

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  • Jim Sokolowski

    Jim Sokolowski

    Director, Learning and Leadership Development , Edward Jones

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  • Jim Williams

    Jim Williams

    Director - Talent & Organizational Effectiveness , Carpenter Technology Corporation

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  • Joe Tria

    Joe Tria

    Chief Learning & Leadership Officer , Grant Thornton LLP

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  • Joe Weldon

    Joe Weldon

    Chief Talent Officer , PNC Financial Services

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  • John Palmer

    John Palmer

    SVP and Chief Learning Officer , AT&T

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  • John Romero

    John Romero

    Chief Learning Officer , Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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  • Johnathan Cotcher

    Johnathan Cotcher

    Chief Talent Officer , Centria Healthcare

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  • Karen Kocher

    Karen Kocher

    Chief Learning Officer , Cigna

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  • Kathleen McCarthy

    Kathleen McCarthy

    SVP, Chief Talent Officer , American Express

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  • Kevin Wilde

    Kevin Wilde

    Executive Leadership Development and Talent Management Professional , Carlson School of Management, Institute for Corporate Productivity

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  • Kimberly Currier

    Kimberly Currier

    Global Leader, Learning and Development , Kimberly-Clark

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  • Kimo Kippen

    Kimo Kippen

    Chief Learning Officer, Global Talent Development Leader & Brand Ambassador , Hilton Worldwide

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  • Lara Partridge

    Lara Partridge

    Global Head, Talent Programmes , Standard Chartered Bank

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  • Lee Readman

    Lee Readman

    Chief Talent Engagement Officer , eBay

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  • Lynda Koehler

    Lynda Koehler

    Chief Learning Officer , CHS

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  • Mara Swan

    Mara Swan

    EVP Global Strategy and Talent , ManpowerGroup

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  • Marc Croonen

    Marc Croonen

    CSTCO - Chief Sustainability, Transformation & Communication , Ahold Delhaize

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  • Margot Thom

    Margot Thom

    Chief Talent Officer and Partner , Deloitte

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  • Mariangela Battista

    Mariangela Battista

    Chief Talent Officer , XL Group

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  • Marie-Claire Barker

    Marie-Claire Barker

    Chief Talent Officer , MEC

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  • Matt Strode

    Matt Strode

    Chief Talent Officer , Urban Outfitters

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  • Melissa Daimler

    Melissa Daimler

    Chief Learning Officer, Learning Thought Leader , Twitter

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  • Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu

    Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu

    Chief Talent Officer , Precision Talent International

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  • Michelle Lotti

    Michelle Lotti

    Chief Learning Officer, North America , Samsung Electronics

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  • Mike Kessler

    Mike Kessler

    Chief Learning Officer , BAE Systems

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  • Milano Reyna

    Milano Reyna

    Global Chair HR-Talent Officer , Saatchi & Saatchi

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  • Mimi Kravetz

    Mimi Kravetz

    Chief Talent Officer , Hillel International

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  • Morris Sims

    Morris Sims

    VP, Chief Learning Officer , New York Life Insurance Company

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  • Nancy Meiners

    Nancy Meiners

    Global Commercial Learning Officer , GE Energy Management

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  • Nancy Singer

    Nancy Singer

    Executive Director, Global Leadership Learning & Development , Merck & Co., Inc.

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  • Nick van Dam

    Nick van Dam

    Partner, Chief Learning Officer , McKinsey & Company

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  • Owen Shipler

    Owen Shipler

    Chief Learning Officer , Current, powered by GE

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  • Pamela Puryear

    Pamela Puryear

    SVP, Chief Talent Officer , Pfizer

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  • Rachel Fichter

    Rachel Fichter

    Managing Director & Chief Learning Officer , S&P Global Ratings

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  • Rahul Varma

    Rahul Varma

    Chief Learning Officer , Accenture

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  • Rashid Wasti

    Rashid Wasti

    EVP & Chief Talent Officer , George Weston Limited

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  • Renetta McCann

    Renetta McCann

    SVP, Chief Learning Officer , Leo Burnett

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  • Rich Vincent

    Rich Vincent

    VP, Talent & Leader Development , Amazon.com

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  • Rob Lauber

    Rob Lauber

    VP, Chief Learning Officer , McDonald's Corporation

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  • Rosilyn Houston

    Rosilyn Houston

    Chief Talent and Culture Executive, Senior EVP , BBVA Compass

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  • Rudy Robles

    Rudy Robles

    VP, Chief Learning Officer , Jack In the Boc Inc.

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  • Ruth Fattori

    Ruth Fattori

    SVP, Talent Management Training and Development , PepsiCo

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  • Sarah Leonard

    Sarah Leonard

    Chief Learning Officer - VP Global Learning & Development & Organization Development , GSK

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  • Soni Basi

    Soni Basi

    VP, Global Learning & Talent Development , The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

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  • Sonia Hardaway

    Sonia Hardaway

    Chief Learning Officer , Bristol-Myers Squibb

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  • Stacey Valy Panayiotou

    Stacey Valy Panayiotou

    VP Global Talent & Development , The Coca-Cola Company

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  • Steffen Eckart

    Steffen Eckart

    Associate Director, Talent and Organization Strategy , Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

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  • Tamar Elkeles

    Tamar Elkeles

    Chief Learning Officer , Atlantic Bridge

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  • Tawni Cranz

    Tawni Cranz

    Chief Talent Officer , Netflix

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  • Terry Bickham

    Terry Bickham

    Managing Director, Talent Development , Deloitte

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  • Thomas Evans

    Thomas Evans

    Chief Learning Officer , PWC

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  • Tim Cecere

    Tim Cecere

    Managing Partner, Chief Talent Officer and Director of Human Resources , Group M

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  • Tim Munden

    Tim Munden

    Chief Learning Officer , Unilever

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  • Timothy Grace

    Timothy Grace

    EVP, Global Chief Talent Officer , Toys R Us, Inc.

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  • Tom Murray

    Tom Murray

    Chief Talent Officer , Dell Technologies

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  • Wendy Lee Austin

    Wendy Lee Austin

    Chief Learning Officer , BNY Mellon

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  • Yvonne Corpuz

    Yvonne Corpuz

    Global Chief Learning Officer, Global Human Resources Officer , Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

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