Coupling great minds together in building a harmonious ironclad unit that redefines the art of success has been the masterpiece of Chief Learning Officers and many a time without much fanfare.

The Chief Learning Officer drives in appraising greatness in Human Capital Management over the globe with an intent in conceiving what can be constituted as the most supreme body headlining chiefs and specialist who have assembled some of the world’s mightiest, stimulating and effective unit of individuals, capability channels and fresh minds across time.

The Chief Learning officer umbrella honors glorious achievements and supplements of more than 500 HR big names around the world and includes an extensive CLOs- well known HR Leaders from various industries and certainly the headliner array of Top CLOs globally.

The Top CLO HR Capability Excellence Model - The IVAS

Top CLOs lineups are determined from a comprehensive, inclusive and meticulous assessment of HR experts from all spheres of business, areas and locations. The IVAS - Influence, Visibility, Adaptability, Synergic framework is stationed for engineering the CLOs umbrella lineups by subsequent examination over different 15 IVAS parameters pertaining features such as positioning of personal brand, contribution to organization growth, career rise estimation in addition to variety of cross-industry experience in HR just to name some.

The Chief Learning Officer is tapped into the organisation's strategic mission and builds learning to support it.

Peter Shelby,
CLO at the National Reconnaissance Office University