Eureka moments often happens when one is plugged into the system, in concert with the business, assembling the industry’s most pertinent elements. The world of Learning and Development has never before faced such an intense need for the continuous development of its talent pool. Arise and glimpse into the colossal core of knowledge for Chief Learning Officers and come a step closer to the ranks of industry knowledge pioneers.

Hub & Spoke

Evolution of CLO

Talking about Steve Kerr reminds some of basketball. This name must have rung a bell for all those who have been in touch with ‘learning management’ (both corporate and personal training) at least once in their lifetime.
Well, the story of the first learning officer to hold the title of Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Steve Kerr, started in 1989. At the time, the then...

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5 Shades of CLO

Learning isn’t only about gaining knowledge. It’s about imparting it as well. And yes, this...

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Traits of a Top CLO

Here is an interesting anecdote that you won’t believe led to the coining of the term for...

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CLO on the work floor

Learning, soon going to be a stand-alone function, is usually a subgroup of the wide-ranging Talent Management canopy, and requires profound subject matter skills and professional awareness. Learning is looked at as holistically sheathing the field of competence enhancement. Learning is already an extremely specialized field and it is becoming more so.
The designation of chief learning officer...

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From the CLOs Desk


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  • Cornell University

  • Texas A&M University

  • Imperial College London

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

  • McGill University

In the Drift

Mobile Learning

As mobile phones and other wireless devices become more affordable, wireless technology is on its way to revolutionize different sectors...

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Learning Management Systems

According to a research by Forbes on learning management systems for corporates, the market for...

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Knowledge Collaboration

Information is a part of knowledge. Information may consist of data, statistics, facts, ideas and concepts. A collection of multiple information modules is knowledge. If we say a person has knowledge, it means that he has cognitive and analytical abilities to comprehend and do functions with the information. Having mere information, on the other...

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7 Barriers

Recently, at a brainstorming CLO forum organized by the Cambridge-headquartered...

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Lately, the concept of gamification has gained a lot of attention in the spectrum...

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Employee Performance Augmentation

Herman Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist...

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Intergenerational Workforce

Generational issues in the workplace aren’t the only issues that are significant-True. But, they...

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Blended Learning

In a bid to give students personalized learning experience, schools are moving towards...

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